8 Most Recommended WooCoomerce Themes for Wordpress

Since its creation in 2008, WooCommerce has emerged as the leading e-commerce platform for WordPress. The platform has powered 30 percent of all e-commerce websites around the world, and you can expect this number to increase. WooCommerce themes are among the most noticeable features in this platform, giving e-commerce websites clean, customized, and professional look.

Each WooCommerce theme has its characteristics, but all of them have similarities. They are adjustable, presenting good visual focus, easy to navigate, and compatible with various WordPress plugins you need to improve your business. The themes are also suitable for different business types so that you can have suitable web design based on your business type.

Here are 8 of the most recommended themes you must consider.

Niku – Restaurant & Food Menus WooCommerce Theme

Niku is a theme for a restaurant, café, and other eatery businesses. It presents great visual composition to display the pictures and descriptions of your menu. The theme is responsive and clean, making it perfect to promote your restaurant. Niku’s best features include:

  • Clean and balanced visual design, perfect to display restaurant menu and their descriptions.
  • Complete shop pages, which present all options for shopping activities on the same page, such as cart, shop, checkout, and coupon code redemption.
  • Four options for page styles (List Circle, Grid Circle, List Square, and Grid Square), and three for header styles.
  • Tools for international visitors, such as multiple translations and RTL (Right to Left) page layout.
  • Visual system supported by Revolution Slider and Visual Composser.
  • Responsive and adjustable features for high-quality mobile version.
  • Special reservation page to help your customer’s reserve tables in easy steps.

Lafaar – Restaurant & Food Menus WooCommerce Theme

LaFaar is another restaurant theme with brighter and lighter style. This theme is perfect not only for the restaurant, but also bakery, café, dessert shop, and home catering business.  Its main features include:

  • Two options for blog style designs: masonry and list.
  • Responsive web page with perfect style to support mobile experience.
  • Distinctive but clean page designs for different scenarios, such as menu, About Us, service lists, business branches, and contact page.
  • Special reservation page to help customers booking tables with ease.

LeCrafts – WooCommerce Marketplace Themes

LeCraft is a perfect theme for fashion and craft shops. The design is clean but distinctive, with portfolio-style page visual to better promote your products and brands. Customers will find your website fully responsive and easy to navigate. The best features of LeCraft include:

  • Six portfolio layout designs to help your visitors choosing the best way to explore your products.
  • Fully-functioned online store page, complete with features like cart, shop, checkout, pay, and coupon redemption.
  • Responsive page for both PC and mobile viewing.
  • Visual system supported by Visual Composser and Revolution Slider.
  • Webpage specifically designed to support market plugins, such as WooCommerce Product Vendors, Dokan, and WC Vendors.
  • Translation tool for multiple languages and RTL (Right to Left) layout option.

Festiven – Event Calendar & WooCommerce Themes

Festiven is a perfect theme for event organizers. This theme has multiple design options to show event photos, documentations, and even shops. Main features of this theme include:

  • Multiple design visuals to show the past, ongoing, and upcoming events.
  • Integrated online shop to sell event-related products, with fully customizable features.
  • Three design options for event-related blog posts.
  • Responsive design with high-quality mobile version.
  • Visual style supported by Revolution Slider and Visual Composser.
  • Translation tool for multiple languages.

Livre – WooCommerce Theme For Book Store

Livre is a great theme for bookstores, but it is also ideal for music or game shops. The visual is clean, balanced, and giving perfect focus to product covers. The best features of this theme include:

  • Three different landing page styles to give your distinctive store look.
  • Four different homepage styles you can easily customize to attract visitors.
  • Fully-integrated store plugins, such as chart, shop, check out, purchase, and coupon code redemption.
  • Integrated product page plugins for books, movies, audio/music, and games. Book page has “View Back Cover, ” and “Preview,” movie page has “See Trailer” and “See Gallery,” audio has play and playlist, and the game has “See Trailer” and “See Gallery.”
  • Special page to promote deals and discounts.
  • Special page to list authors and their bios.
  • More than 400 icon images for shortcodes.

Pustaka – WooCommerce Theme For Book Store

Pustaka is a theme for bookstores or individual author promotion. The design options offer unique styles to promote books with masonry style or magazine style for author stories and promotions. Main features of this theme include:

  • Seven different web page styles and three-page landing designs.
  • Fully-customizable “mega menu” plugin to show book categories.
  • Web design is compatible with Amazon Associates program.
  • Integrated e-commerce plugins such as cart, shop, checkout, pay, and coupon code redemption.
    Special page designs for different product types (books, movies, games, music), along with related action buttons.
  • Special page to promote deals and discounts.
  • Special author lists and info page.
  • Supporting RTL (Right to Left) layout design.

Paradize – WordPress Tour/Travel Theme

Paradize is a suitable theme for travel blogs and websites, including related services such as travel agent. The design options are perfect to showcase all the places you want to highlight. The main features include:

  • Four different front homepage styles to attract visitors.
  • Package-style design, perfect for a travel agent and other related services.
  • Unique page designs for different purposes (tour, shop, upcoming event, photo gallery, and contact page).
  • Multiple translation languages and RTL (Right to Left) layout for international visitors.
  • Responsive design, perfect for creating high-quality mobile version.

Baggies – WooCommerce Marketplace Themes

Baggies theme is perfect for selling bags and other related products. The design is made to highlight each featured product, giving visitors the freedom to browse the catalog. The main features of this theme include:

  • Three options for portfolio viewing.
  • Multiple header style options.
  • Responsive design, great for both PC and mobile viewing experiences.
  • Complete shopping page, with integrated buttons for the shop, checkout, payment, coupon code redemption, and other related shopping functions.
  • Translation support system, with RTL (Right to Left) layout style for international visitors.

Choosing the right website theme is important to create visual impact for your visitors. WooCommerce themes give a wide range of options for successful e-commerce websites.

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