How to Successfully Perform Growth Hacking in Marketing

A successful business in the internet era needs to think about growth hacking. First described by startup advisor and GrowthHackers CEO Sean Ellis, this strategy refers to comprehensive and sustainable methods to develop a business or startup. A marketer or business owner who applies this strategy must focus on aspects such as data analytic, valuable core products, creativity, and a wide range of communication channels.

what is growth hacking
what is growth hacking

While this strategy may be popular among startup companies, small and medium business owners can also use it to gain profits and develop future ventures.

Growth Hacking for Online Marketers

If you are an online marketer, you can apply hacking strategies to ensure your business growth. Here are several strategies to apply:

Perform detailed analysis

You can use data analysis to create more effective marketing strategies. If you use WordPress, for example, you can use plugins such as Jetpack, Google Analytics, or Instant Visual Feedback. You can find information such as customer demography, visitor traffic, trending products, and more.

Test your website constantly

Testing is a way to reduce mistakes and increase the effectiveness of every strategy. There are many ways to do it, such as creating titles with Title Experiments, and testing action calls in shop pages with page tester plugin.

The Inbound Growth Hacking
The Inbound Growth Hacking

Apply SEO methods

Search Engine Optimization must always be a part of growth hacking. You must make sure to apply both online and offline SEO methods. Common strategies include creating customer-focused contents, caching the website using a plugin like WP Super Cache, and optimizing the use of images.

Promoting the content

If you have had your business blog for a while, make sure to regularly promote it. Simple steps, such as activating Popular Post widget on WordPress website, or sharing old blog posts whenever relevant, can boost traffic and increase new customers. You can also tie-tin your content with relevant products to create more “natural” look.

Social media optimization

Social media is now a ubiquitous thing, and many people have at least one account. Promoting through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Path are common methods, but growth hacking requires more sophisticated methods. Plugins for social media promotions, such as Jetpack, Sumome Image Sharer, and Better Click to Tweet can boost your exposure in social media.

Building customer lists

Online marketing requires optimum promotion to as many prospective customers as possible. Sending email newsletters are still quite effective to reach high numbers of audiences. Plugins such as MailChimp (for WordPress) and Bloom will help you creating email database, containing email addresses of prospective customers.

Increase engagement level

Finally, never neglect the engagement aspect of your business. The more your customers feel engaged, the more they are likely to return. The most basic ways to do it are actively answering queries, attaching question forms on your website, and having conversations on your social media pages. You can also use a plugin such as Postmatic, which helps you answering questions from email.

growth hacking marketing by Ryan Holiday
growth hacking marketing by Ryan Holiday

If you dream of becoming a successful marketer, you must consider diverse aspects in your business. Apply growth hacking principles to create active, reliable, and sustainable business system to gain success.

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