Not a Coder? Here is How You Can Make Your Own Website

Providing some enlightening information like the products of shareable to the public does require a right medium on the internet – thus, establishing a personal website could be a great alternative to market your business space. The matter is not everybody savvies on technology nor has an ample opportunity to learn coding and complicated programming. The query is

“Is it possible to make your own website without taking a computer class or internet training?”

The answer is definitely yes. There are several handy steps you can do. Simply check out this following guide.

Decide Your Own Website Platform

make your own website

The elemental thing before actuating the web hosting as well as the color scheme is to determine what sort of platform apt for your objective in establishing your own website. Back in the day in 2000’s, most of the sites were prone to have common codes like HTML, PHP, and CSS. The fresh website builders seem overwhelmed adding content by the codes’ pages – additionally, the arduous process must be time-consuming.

In recent years, there has been a famous and complimentary website platform known as CMS standing for Content Management System, great to manage and improve your website content. The benefits of applying CMS is, first, the users could copy and paste the composition and update it as they want. Secondly, everybody wouldn’t think about the web maintenance expense. And the last advantage is you can save more money as you are not encouraged to purchase the overpriced software to start up your pages.

Based on the latest statistics in 2017, the report shows that the most popular CMS platforms include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. One out of the leading stars, WordPress has gained the highest public attention (over 50% of the best 10 million websites in the world opt for the platform). It’s no surprise, WordPress is extremely recommended for those planning to build a website.

There is nothing easier and more efficient other than WordPress when you’re urged to make your own website. The early reasoning could be the free cost – you don’t need to spend your dollar for either downloading or installing. The platform is indeed flexible; it’s able to be expanded by free plugins and provides more than 2000 available themes you can select. In addition to that, instead of learning on how to code, the only skill you need to acquire is adding an image and line of text. As WordPress has a broader connection with the developer network, you will get quick help — a business runner like might be linked to greater sites such as eBay, Reuters, and Mozilla.

Have the Domain Name and Web Hosting

how you can make your own website

Once you deal with setting up a website through WordPress, other two important things you can’t ever miss are a domain name and web hosting. A domain name is something essential especially in search of your site name like on the internet. Meanwhile, web hosting mostly plays a major role as an office space filled with the website displays and files. It also ensures that the page loads fast. Although you are not charged on WordPress, the domain and web hosting cost about 3 to 5 USD per month – it is a bargain, isn’t it?

When you are about to run a big business, the domain name should be fitting for the name of your company. To set up the personal website, inserting your name is an impeccable option. It used to be common to see the domain ending with .com, .net, or .org. However, recent trend indicates that the domain extensions vary in names by the brand name such as .pizza and .agency. For a good recommendation, avoiding unnecessary extensions would be nothing yet incredible – just go with .net or .com.

To pick the catchiest domain name so that visitors could easily remember your site, it’s vital to take notice on certain things like whether your site is brand-able or not, have you considered it’s already impressive? Or what makes it different compared to millions of the world’s active domain names?

Go Set up Your Website

not a coder here is how you can make your own website
Online shopping website with product pictures and price in a browser window, the user is adding the item to the shopping cart, collage and paper cut composition

Once you’ve got the domain name and web hosting, you need to set up and run your website. To install the WordPress, you can apply two possible ways, i.e., one clicks installation and manual installation. If you go with the one clicks installation when making a website with WordPress, you can do several steps. The first thing to do is to log in the hosting account and see the control panel. Then, be sure to search the icon of WordPress. Select the domain and click the button of “Install Now.” In a few minutes, you can access your website.

To find a theme you like, you should be in the dashboard. There are more than 1500 free themes – just have a look at the “Appearance” sidebar and click the “Themes.” If you want to have something more attractive, you can spend an amount of dollars on a website named It offers a wide array of cool collections of elegant themes.

To add some contents to your site, you have to get to understand some basics. You can begin with the “About Me” page telling about your company or personal profile. To do this, go to the dashboard and take notice on the sidebar for “Pages” and “Add New.” After clicking the buttons, your site’s screen will be exactly similar to Microsoft Word page. For the improvement, you can add images, text, and much more so that your page would be more inviting and lovelier. If you think that it’s necessary to link the new page in the navigation bar, simply click “Update,” “Appearance” in the side bar, and add the created page into the list.

make your own website wordpress setup

In conclusion, regardless of your educational background, everyone has the capability of creating a website with understandable and practicable ways. To make your own website, there are only three simple steps – choosing the platform, getting the domain name and web hosting, and finally developing the page.

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