5 Top Plugins for Wordpress Marketplace All Sellers Must Have

Creating a marketplace website no longer requires thousands of Dollars and sophisticated expertise. Thanks to WordPress marketplace themes and plugins, you can create and run a fully-functioned marketplace website more easily. Developers also keep creating new plugins to keep up with the increasing demands and trends of WordPress ecommerce.

Since having too many plugins is not suggested, you should choose the most suitable ones for your website. Here are top recommended plugins for WordPress-based marketplace website you should check out.

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is a free, regularly-updated marketplace plugin that works wonder with WooCommerce 3.0 and above. WC Marketplace offers great features such as bulk action management, direct transactions with PayPal, manage revenue sharing types, create payment period setup, and complete reports. The safety feature allows admin to block certain vendors and all their goods if necessary.

WC Marketplace offers various add-ons with low prices or even free of charge. The add-ons are designed to avoid clutters in your database, keeping your website performance in-check. You need WordPress version 4.0 to run this plugin.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Dokan Multivendor is another popular marketplace plugin that offers features for a professional ecommerce website. Working on WordPress 4.4 as the minimum requirement, Dokan offers complete and straightforward experiences with its features. Its Pro features support various tasks, such as managing coupons, setting expiry dates, and convert reports to CSV.

Dokan’s main appeal is its full frontend experience, which means that all vendors in this marketplace have their own personalized dashboards, based on their goods and services. Dokan also offers a professional look that makes your marketplace look similar with eBay, Shopify, or Amazon.

WooCommerce Frontend Manager

WooCommerce Frontend Manager helps to create neater, more straightforward experience in managing WordPress-based marketplace. It works perfectly on all professional WooCommerce themes. The dashboard provides full control on various features, and the Ultimate version even has a feature to create PDF invoices.

Currently, WooCommerce Frontend Manager only supports three translations: Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. However, since the plugin is constantly updated, you can expect some more translations in the future.

Instant Marketplace

Have many product images and want to promote them instantly? Instant Marketplace is a plugin that offers quick selling through direct image uploading. By connecting the plugin to WordPress gallery, PhotoGallery, NextGen, or Responsive LightBox, you can quickly upload images to an instant store.

Instant Marketplace does not require any extra integration, although you need at least WordPress version 4.4 to run it.

Marketplace for WooCommerce

Marketplace for WooCommerce offers an easy and practical way to manage multiple vendors. The marketplace owner/admin has the freedom to manage various aspects of vendor management. For example, there are options between scheduled and manual commission payments, using either fixed or percentage value system. The marketplace owner can also create customized labels and URL slugs for specific vendors.

As a relatively new plugin, Marketplace for WooCommerce has potentials for new, competitive features. You need at least WordPress version 4.4 to be able to run this plugin.

A successful marketplace requires good plugins that support various features, without clogging the database and confusing users. These WordPress marketplace plugins will help you become a top marketplace owner and boost your profits.

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