7 Ways to Create an Outstanding E-Commerce Website for Your Business

The world is going through an online era where everything can be purchased just several clicks away. Even when you are far away from the store, you can easily get the product in a package two or three days later. It’s convenient for consumers, yet it means tougher competition for businesses.

Eventually, stores are not going to be crowded anymore. Companies who are not going online can be certainly left behind. To approach a wider market, every business is now challenged to enter the e-commerce world regardless of what it sells. If you wish to survive in this digital world, you must create a captivating e-commerce website. And here are what you need to keep in mind:

The Right Design Will Determine the Success of Your Online Store

The design is the first impression that your customers will catch. Not only beautiful and attractive, but the design should also be engaging and communicate with customers. This is why choosing the right platform will play a role in the success of your online store especially if you don’t have a professional developer in the office.

Over the decades of technology, people’s attention span grows shorter. It means you need an eye-catching design on your website. Remember, pictures and photographs will also be important. If you are selling physical products, great photo sessions and enhancing edits will give a stunning look to your catalogs and gallery.

However, the design should also pay attention to the user interface. Make sure that customers do not feel a sort of complicated procedure when buying the product. Some features like signing up or registering data will probably make your customer take a step back in making a purchase. People need an e-commerce website that gives them easy ways to choose the product, make a purchase, and get the products delivered.

The placement of your buttons and features would give the impression to your customers, too. For example, place your search button on top and omnipresent. There are customers who don’t have the time to surf around and see each of your collection. So, a visible search bar will help them find what they need.

Another way to help your customer navigate around your e-commerce website is showing the navigation bar. Divide your products into several categories to give your customers an easy access on the website.

Organize Your Content Marketing Strategy

After you are ready with the platform, design, and pictures, now you have to organize the way to approach your audience as the customers. If you think displaying pictures and prices on your e-commerce website is enough, you will not get anywhere near the marketing strategy.

Plan the underlying theme and campaign of your e-commerce website. For example, some websites are consistent in creating stories behind their products. If you have a content writing skill, or employs a content writer, engaging customers through stories and articles might be helpful.

There are many creative ways to create a content marketing strategy. The most important thing is to educate your customers about the products and the topics around it. You can also make a creative video, blog post, or newsletters. Your customers are your audience; they are going to watch and pay attention to your posts. If you are doing the right strategy and campaign, you can get the customer loyalty as they will keep coming back to repeat their purchase.

Take Advantage of the Power of Social Media

Nowadays every person has more than three social media applications on their gadgets. Some people are more active on one particular social media than on the others. Respectively, people are frequently checking their social media accounts in one day. This is where you can take advantage of the vast number of social media users as your audience.

So, create accounts for your business on different social media and post there frequently.  It will give a bigger chance for your product to spread out. You may never know which social media post will lead to a purchase on your website. Thus, open up to the possibilities.

Translate Your E-Commerce Website

Though the English language reaches most of the world, you can always expand to other languages. You may need to associate the products with possible customers using statistics. From the data, you can decide which language that can be a priority in translating your website.

Some themes from WordPress or platform like WooCommerce provide a translation setting for your e-commerce website. By using multiple languages, more customers from other countries in the world can understand your website and make a purchase.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Responsive

Considering that most people will probably open your website from their mobile phones and tablet, make sure that your website is responsive. It’s not that you need to create a mobile application and website, but you can make your website mobile-friendly. This way, people will not find any difficulty in choosing some of your products and make a purchase even from a browser in their mobile phone.

Create a Consistent Shopping Cart

Basically, an online shopping cart works as a checkout and inventory system. The products added to the cart means it is already subtracted from the inventory and ready to be shipped. Some e-commerce website, though, chooses to use a persistent shopping cart on their websites. The good thing with the persistent shopping cart is that the inventory and stock are automatically modified depending on the purchase. Furthermore, once a product is in the cart, the information will stay there even when the customer leaves the website.

However, there are people who are using the shopping cart as a wish list. It could lead to a problem especially when the customers leaving the website without making a transaction. Eventually, the stock does not meet the inventory data. If you don’t want to deal with this problem, create a different section for the wish list and shopping cart. This way, the customer can keep the things that they want to buy without affecting the inventory system.

Make a Communication between You and The Customers

Often, an e-commerce website does not have a reliable communicating tool. In fact, you need to communicate with your customers in some sort of ways. To fix the communication, you can provide a live chat and push the customers to write a review.

A live chat will get you to understand what the customers need, and a review will also give you information to enhance your service. Behind the communication tools, you should provide a reliable human resource to collect all the data and use it to improve your business.

Though you may think that an e-commerce website will work perfectly once you get the system running, you still need a great supervision and analytical skills. All in all, the key to a successful technology of e-commerce website is to humanize the technology, so it’s suitable for everyone.

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