Wc Marketplace, One-Stop Solution For All Your Needs To Build Digital Product Marketplace

WooCommerce is said to be the most popular e-commerce platform to date. Selling your products using WooCommerce will help you increase sales as many features available to boost website performance. If you were a merchant who sells products from various vendors on your website and makes commissions on the sales, choosing a good multi-vendor marketplace is a must.

One of the most recommended ones is WC Marketplace (WCMp), as more than 96% users rated this marketplace 5/5. WCMp is a multi-vendor plugin that works with WooCommerce that turns WordPress site into an online marketplace. The standard function of this plugin comes free, and you can download it directly WordPress repository. However, if you need advanced features for your digital product marketplace, like product frontend editing, frontend reporting, etc., you have to buy WC Marketplace premium add-ons.

Here are some amazing features that make WC Marketplace as an awesome support for a scalable and flexible marketplace.

WC Marketplace Features

Single Product Multiple Vendors

WC Marketplace allows multiple vendors to customize and sell the same products. This will help to increase the availability of the product and add price transparency. Customers will surely love the freedom to compare products and grab the best deal.

Vendor Dashboard

Your vendors will be pampered with a user-friendly dashboard that offers a snapshot view of their entire store. Vendors may be able to manage their own products, their commission, track orders, and much more on the feature-rich dashboard.

Admin Notification to Vendors

You are able to communicate with all the vendors via universal message board. This will help you send all the information you need to share with the vendors or guide them to set up their stores. You may also make an announcement and notify vendors if any changes or updates are made.

Commission Disbursal Management

As an admin, you can disburse commission to vendors anytime you want, hourly, daily, monthly, or fortnightly. This is done automatically, or the vendors can make a request to the admin manually for a commission disbursal. Plus, both parties are able to track all the previous transactions they make.

Vendor Review Management

Customers are allowed to review the vendors in your marketplace. You can control the review system. This feature also enables you to allow only buyers who have purchased products from the specific vendors to give review and rate.

Vendor Capabilities Management

This feature allows vendors to customize their online stores, from uploading product data, make a change in policy setting, and many more, and make it flexible for a hassle-free operation.

Admin Taskbar

There is a notification board to help admin finish the tasks quickly, from rejecting or approving vendor, transfer vendor commission, or just keep tabs on the marketplace.

Customizable Vendor Registration Form

WC Marketplace provides an inbuilt option to create a multi-vendor registration form. Admin might be able to customize it based on vendor policies and the overall marketplace requirements.

Multiple Payment Channel

To disburse vendors commission, the admin may go for direct bank transfer or use payment gateways (like PayPal & Stripe).  There is an option for a fixed amount or percentage amount, or both schemes for the payment settlement. Each vendor preference can be accommodated by the flexibility.

Coupon Management

Admin can manage vendors to issue a coupon or set a global coupon for all products in one click or let the vendors to manually select each of their preferred product. This option will enable vendors to fix their promotional strategy.

Commission Type

This plugin offers admin an option to set commission for the vendors over individual cart item or whole cart sales. In addition, you can also set revenue sharing mode to vendor commission or admin fees.

WP Marketplace Adds-on

There are 16 add-ons types available on WC Marketplace with different functions and price to customize your site and do better business. For example, WCMp Advanced Product Types with a price ranging from $60 to $160, help you to sell different product types, create an auction in your marketplace, or offer rentals and subscription. Frontend Manager with a price ranging from $80 to $180 is a powerful add-on that allows vendors to manage their individual shops from front-end and coupon management for vendors.

There are another 14 add-ons ranging from giving you access to make bulk product import a breeze for your vendors, creating an unlimited membership to control your vendor’s accessibilities and capabilities, giving a flexible admin-vendor commission disbursal, and many more.

WC Marketplace is compatible with many WooCommerce extensions such as WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Simple Auctions, WooCommerce Subscriptions, etc. to serve your different business needs. This marketplace also works with many WooCommerce compatible themes.

There are certain themes available in tokomoo.com like LeCraft (a fashion WordPress theme) and Baggies (a theme that suits for selling bags, watches, shoes, and jewelry,) which come with WooCommerce and Dokan multivendor plugin. This will turn your conventional online store into an amazing marketplace. Try it now and see how amazing multivendor marketplace will help you boost your income!

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