7 Best WooCommerce Apps for Mobile E-commerce 

The mobile app gives you the freedom to run an online business from anywhere. You need a WooCommerce app for the mobile device if you want freedom in managing your store. These apps will allow you to do admin works, reviewing store stats, add products to your store remotely, and much more.

These apps may have some restrictions, but they are helpful if you are a very mobile person. Here are seven recommended apps you can try for your WooCommerce platform.

WooCommerce Official App (iOS)

WooCommerce iOS app is both official and free, which is a great first step for your mobile business. This app has a limit of four stores per user, but it is already integrated with the new REST API system. You can use this app to review your store’s performance, including reviewing the statistics for products and purchases.

WooCommerce iOS app also shows purchase status in your store, such as “pending,” “held,” and “processing/processed” orders. You can also see a list of products that are sold the most. While the functions are still a bit limited, there are developments to expect in the future.

TM Store (Android and iOS)

If you use Android devices, you can try TM Store. This app is available for both Android and iOS and provides full store management experience. The app plugin is easy to install, and you can immediately use it. Activities to do with TM Store are, for examples uploading products, reviewing shop stats, processing purchases, and much more.

TM Store also has integrated marketing automation and SEO solutions, which you can use to promote your store. It also supports various plugins, such as Paypal, Apple Pay, WooCommerce Points and Rewards, Right-to-Left layout support, and much more.

WooSales (iOS)

WooSales is an app recommended for those who are not exactly “data-savvy.” This app is like the simpler version of the official WooCommerce app. Instead of graphs and complicated data, WooSales only gives main information in easy-to-read numbers and formats. You can find out about purchase amounts, new customers, average orders, and other sales-related info.

Since WooSales is simpler than the official app, more experienced users may find this app too limiting. However, if you just start in the e-commerce business, or only need to check store performance through mobile devices occasionally, WooSales is a good choice. This app is available for free at Apple App Store.

WooAdmin App (iOS)

WooAdmin is a WooCommerce app that performs in more sophisticated way. The app not only shows simple sales data but complete graphs about your store’s performance. You can see information such as numbers of sales, profits, and average sales. Furthermore, the app also shows details of taxes, refunds, and discounts, complete with both numbers and graphs as visuals.

Another great thing about WooAdmin is its ability to upload products right to your store. This way, you can manage your product supply remotely, albeit in the most basic way. You will need to have iOS 9.1 to run WooAdmin, but the app gives more sophisticated experience compared to simpler products.

The app costs USD3.99, and you can get it at Apple Store.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant (Android)

Another WooCommerce-related app for Android users, WooCommerce Mobile Assistant is tailored to help basic e-commerce tasks in online stores. With this app, you can view information such as product stocks and prices, purchase amounts, order status, and such. The data are presented in clean and simple look, along with diagrams, which is good for the least data-savvy store owners.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant is also great to help managing purchase. You can get notifications of new order and customer, stock status, or specific information like a canceled purchase. There is also filtering option for an easier way to manage products and find information.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant is a native Android app, developed by eMagicOne. If you use WordPress-based website, you must install Mobile Assistant Connector plugin, before being able to use this app. WooCommerce Mobile Assistant is available to download for free at Google Play Store.

WooView (iOS)

WooView is a practical way to view all the most important stats in clean but sophisticated look. If you want to check your store performance as soon as you turn on the phone, this app will give clean and straightforward visual for all the important data. There are graphs, average sales, period-based sales info, and complete reports. The app looks professional despite the easy visual, so you can feel proud having it in your phone.

You must install WooView plugin in your WordPress-based website before using the app. WooView is available to download for free at Apple Store.

WooMobile (iOS)

WooMobile is a clean-looking app that focuses on showing the latest purchase information at your store. The app shows information such as customer’s names, order times and numbers, and the amount they pay. All of them are shown in a neat line, making it easy for you to review the latest purchase.

The great thing about WooMobile is its ability to manage up to 20 stores. If you have a growing business or diverse products to sell, this app is a great investment. To protect the store’s information, WooMobile provides Passcode, special individual keywords you can customize for each store.

You need to pay USD3.99 at Apple Store to download it, but you can download the Lite version instead, which is free. Also, you need WooCommerce version 3.5 and newer to run this app.

How to Make Your App

If none of the available apps can fulfill your needs, you can make your app. Various WordPress plugins can create a mobile version of your store, although a lot of them require cash. IdeaPress, Mobapper, and MobiLoud are recommended for non-developers since they are easy to sync and install. All of them are available for Android and iOS.

If you are a developer or coder, you can use the more sophisticated plugin, such as AppPresser. This app provides complete options to create a fully-functioned, WordPress-based mobile store. There are several pricing plans that you can adjust with the chosen functions, so make sure to provide enough budget.

WooCommerce app helps you connecting to your store when away. Install them to create a mobile version of your store, and improve your business wherever you go.

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