7 Ideas for Design Your E-Commerce Website Using WooCommerce Extensions

As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce offers a large number of plugins and extensions that can help you design and optimize your e-commerce website. If you are still confused in choosing the best WooCommerce extensions to fit in with your website, seven ideas below can be a good starter.

Create an exclusive online catalog using Restricted Category Access

Make your customers feel exclusive by showing them special online catalog in a restricted category. With Restricted Category Access, that particular section can only be accessed with a certain condition which is usually based on the customers’ preferences. It is suitable for those who sell custom products such as handmade accessories or bridal jewelry. Restricted category for the customers will help them choose the best product they are looking for.

Show specific price for selected wholesalers using Wholesale Pricing

One of marketing strategies to expand the business is opening the door for wholesalers. However, it is quite troublesome to show wholesaler price with reduced rates if you still serve private buyers as well. To overcome such difficulty, Wholesale Pricing extension can be applied to your e-commerce website. It allows you to include the specific price for wholesalers and give the right information to your selling agents.

Provide special bundling price for customers using E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

When generous customers purchase multiple items from your site, you can thank them by giving special bundling price. E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping will help you provide bundled shipping rates and calculate the special price at the right amount when multiple items are purchased. It is good for the promotional purpose, and more good news is, it can be operated with ease.

Manage order and distribution process more easily with the combination of two WooCommerce Extensions

The extensions in question are Product Brands and Affiliate Plugin. Product Brands allow you to provide choices of products by brand when the customers can filter the products easily. Moreover, Affiliate Plugin completes the service by dealing with ordering and payment process. Both will save your time when it comes to managing order and distribution from your store to wholesaler or private buyers.

Organize monthly orders using Subscription Sync

Another extension for WooCommerce which can improve your business flow is Subscription Sync. It is a plugin that lets you organize monthly orders or regular supply for your wholesalers. Subscription Sync works best with product-based e-commerce as it can benefit both the distributor and the retailers with its payment cycle.

Organize product category from external e-commerce sites using Product Retailers

Providing external e-commerce links on your site will not only build a cooperative marketing affiliate but also give you additional profit. However, without planned organization, combining two or more categories from different e-commerce sites is not easy. You need a help from Product Retailers that can create a catalog of the products from your store and other external sites.

Develop marketplace-style store using Vendor Stores Extension

Marketplace-style store is needed to increase the professionalism of your e-commerce site as well as to improve the customers’ shopping experience. Keeping that in mind, you can design your website using Vendor Stores extension. It helps you create a marketplace-style store where you can support entrepreneurs and developers while getting passive income from the service you provide.

Those are some of WooCommerce Extensions ideas for your website. Have you found the one that interests you?

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