Engage More of Your Customers with WooCommerce Membership

One of the most effective ways to maintain your customers is through subscription and membership. Creating a subscription or membership on your website will help you to get in touch with customers, create a community, and see what your customers expect.

Overall, having a membership feature on your website will enhance the way you communicate with the customers and therefore increase the chance of frequent buyers. Before you get started with the membership feature, however, first you need to have the best hosting and plugin.

In this case, WooCommerce membership is one of the best one on the market. Plus, it can be integrated as a plugin to your WordPress website. It has a WooCommerce Subscription extension that will let you create an excellent membership system on your website.

Basic Function of WooCommerce

Basically, WooCommerce lets you build an online store without having to worry about some aspects that have been provided by WooCommerce. Through the plugin, you can sell various products ranging from physical, digital, to virtual products. WooCommerce essentially provides a customer area where they can keep track of their order and keep the downloaded files if they purchase a digital product like software.

With a free registration, you will only need to buy several extensions to enhance the comfort of the website. However, basic features like the payment processor, store system, customer area, and shopping cart have been provided as the starting package. Specifically made for managing customers’ purchases, WooCommerce offers WooCommerce Membership and Subscription.

What WooCommerce Membership and Subscription Do

Principally, WooCommerce membership creates a restriction of access to your customers. With certain areas being exclusive, you may want to give a limit to what your customers get for free. When a customer needs more access, they will have to pay a specific amount. With the WooCommerce membership, you can provide exclusive access to each product.

Guaranteeing income of a company is almost an impossible thing to do. With the dynamically changing market, online stores need to have a smarter way to engage with the customer. If you think you have what it takes to offer the product that will be needed by everyone, you may want to consider applying a recurring billing to your customers.

Recurring billing means that you take residual revenue from the customers. In the bigger picture, you have already drawn a map on your income for the coming months. This can be applied to software with an expiration date, online courses, monthly digest, community discussion, repeating and continuing order, or adding sign-up fees and renewing membership. In essence, the customer should pay for the access to certain service or product.

With WooCommerce membership and subscription system, you don’t have to remind your customer to pay each month or year. With more than 25 payment gateway systems, you can collect revenue from almost all of your customers.

No need to worry, WooCommerce also provides customers’ area where they can keep track of their recurring billing. Also, they can choose whether they need to upgrade or downgrade your service. With all the features, WooCommerce subscription does not only reassure revenue for companies but also give a comforting flexibility for customers.

Each month after the billing is out, WooCommerce lets you send an automated message for each of your customers. This way, there are no surprise billings coming to your customer’s e-mail. The recurring billing can only happen if the customer has agreed on purchasing the items.

Other features that you can get from the WooCommerce membership system is the synchronized payments, subscription coupons, and multiple subscriptions. With those features, you can give more benefit for your customers. Benefits like discounts and subscription flexibility will attract more customers to enjoy your service.

Staging the Access

Granting access to your customer with a certain cost should be balanced with excellent quality of service or products. Still, the aim of a business is to get the customers satisfied and repeat their order. A satisfied customer is more likely to send good news to his or her circle about your company. For you, it would mean more customers are coming as a result of a testimonial.

However, not all customers have the budget to subscribe to an online service. Thus, you may need to create levels or tiers of access. With WooCommerce membership plugin, it is possible for you to create several levels with different prices.

Take Advantage of the Automatic Newsletter as A Way to Communicate

Sometimes, you need to engage more with your audience or customers. To do this, you will need to gather their information, most basically their e-mail address. Though not all website visitors make a purchase on their first visit, you must convince them that they need the things that you are offering. That does not limit to products. You can offer great contents, information or sale coming up in the next few months.

With a convincing offer, the visitors start to think that they want to hear news from you – they need to have the latest promotion from you. This way, they may consider buying more of your product. Here, you need to collaborate with people who make great content marketing strategy.

A great content marketing strategy may include articles, videos, tutorials, or blog post. Make sure that the information you provide matches with the market needs. If you find difficulty on this, get help from a digital freelancer that is committed to building your brand and online store.

WooCommerce Membership Pricing

The membership and subscription extensions are offered separately by WooCommerce. If you are selling digital and virtual products or at least continuing products like medicine and cosmetics, creating membership is the best sales strategy that you can do.

You can get the WooCommerce Membership extension for $149 and the WooCommerce Subscription for $199 annually for a single site. Each of the extension can be integrated and work simultaneously to create an excellent customer program for your online store.

Besides all the technical benefits, extensions like WooCommerce Membership and Subscription can help your company to keep growing and gather more customers.

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