20 Most Recommended WooCommerce plugins for Wordpress

If you’re trying to figure out how your e-commerce website can cope with any online transaction, look for no other than WooCommerce plugin. It’s basically, with a cherry on top, a reliable free WordPress extension that’ll make your life easier. Since launched in September 2011, WooCommerce has generated more than 1.6 million downloads across the globe, allowing you to turn a basic online store into a fully practical e-store.

What is the best WooCommerce plugin for WordPress? Here are some of the plugins to choose.

Metrilo WooCommerce Analytic

This particular plugin lets you store a whole marketing strategy, thanks to its useful features. The tool monitors the e-store performances, allowing you to track down the sales, traffic, products, and other reports in the most lucid way. With it, try to compare the ROI, customers’ loyalty so that you can optimize future marketing strategy.

Smart Coupons

To get the all-in-one coupon solution, Smart Coupon is the best Wocommerce plugin. This extension strategy for marketing allows you to generate coupons, sending gift cards, send them in bulks via emails. With customizable design, send them via emails or link the coupons with other products. Its seamless integration will benefit any e-store.

Google Product Feed

Selling through Google is a favorite, and Google Product Feed WooCommerce plugin is doing you a favor. Sellers can create a real-time feed to Google Merchant Seller as part of your product ads campaign. Before that, you need to provide a product the information, specifying whether your product is under the storewide or specific category.

WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons

This add-ons plugin allows you to provide customizable options to the customers before checking out. Its services include additional space for the customers to fill such as a checkbox, file uploads, radio buttons, or text areas. This way, the buyers can opt whether to inquiry extra service including the gift wrapping or any other service. 

WooMembers Bundle

You can start building a loyalty program using WooMembers Bundle plugin. In most cases, free and paid membership with different tier is offered using subscription and different payment deals. Obviously, the payment can be designed weekly, monthly, yearly, or whatever that may work well. At first, you can offer some basic services for free, but membership is required to access the premium service.

WooCommerce Xero

The last thing you want is mismanaged the financial resource from the online store. Xero is designed to handle the accounting task, including financial reports, inventory tracking, and payroll by setting up an automatic invoice using the software. The fundamental economic importance is set to save all data and account reports updated, including the shipping, discount, and tax.

Square for WooCommerce

You don’t want to hassle the customers by taking certain payment method only. Square for WooCommerce plugin is available to take both online and offline payment, for all major credit card by also syncing the inventory changes that connect both Square and your platform. This way, there’s no need to add a new product in Square when you already create it in WooCommerce.


As long as you have a business address, TaxJar can help ease the overbearing process of paying sales tax. This plugin will automatically count the amount of tax to be collected at checkout, adjusting to the state, country, and city you live in. It’s simple, and hassle-free pricing is among the superior features, which can be utilized for 30 days.

WooCommerce Subscription

In short, this plugin allows you not to miss any potential revenue. The subscription is used to create a recurring payment, by introducing some appealing subscription deals for products and services. The WooCommerce subscription features are including multiple billing schedules, automatic payment, manual renewal payment, detailed reports and much more.

WooCommerce Email Customizer

What’s more annoying than a boring newsletter email? The email customizer gives you the power to modify the design of your email template as part of the marketing campaign. To use the plugin is simple; no coding ability is required.

WooCommerce Shipping

Using WooCommerce Shipping allows you to keep track on discounted price and shipping rate directly on your online store. Though the service is currently available on USPS and Canada Post only, the platform is working on mailing through other shipping providers. Print your label and drop the package without having to queue in line.

PayPal Powered by Braintree

Installing this extension can not only ease you but your customers as well, through multiple payment methods. The PayPal, debit card, and credit card are available for U.S. and non-U.S. customers via one-click onboarding process, secure payment, featuring capturing previously authorized transaction, and refund policy.

WooCommerce Membership

Enhance the functionality of your WooCommerce store using the membership plugin. This extension is 100% integrated with the product and everything available in the shop, allowing members to take a tour to access what you have in store. The members will have to choose a certain plan, though, but don’t forget to reward them with special discount.

WooCommerce Booking

If you’re selling service or have a rental business, WooCommerce Booking will make a powerful extension. Customers can choose the date on the booking slots available, create multi-person bookings, yet you have full control over the approval. Managing customers booking notification is also easy, and the plugin allows you to see the bookings in a calendar format.

Facebook for WooCommerce

Despite gaining more potential customers, installing Facebook for WooCommerce plugin also gives access to some useful features. It works as a marketing tool as well as tracing platform that allows you to see any conversion and direct sales from Facebook.

PayPal Express Checkout

Another payment plugin utilized in WooCommerce is the PayPal Express Checkout. Although its name showcases PayPal, it gives customers the ability to checkout without a PayPal account. It’s easy, simple, and highly functional with security guarantee that accepts almost any currency.

WooCommerce ShippingEasy

ShipingEasy for WooCommerce can send your product worldwide, cooperating with major shipping providers, with discounted labels, back-tracking shipping information and custom shipping preference in seconds. The cloud-based system also gives you full control over the inventory management, which directly syncs the stock level in the store.

WooCommerce Product Search

Frankly speaking, the product search determines your sales. Optimizing the WooCommerce Product Search can affect the search result based on the relevance, keyword matches, content, and tags. Featuring shortcode, widget and template API, the customer, will quickly find the product from the search query.

Product Add-Ons

The add-ons for the product you sell can mean a great difference from other Woocomerce account. Customers can now customize their order using check boxes, input boxes, dropdowns, and other customizable space. 

ShipStation Integration

ShipStation integration allows you to have a faster, cheaper, and more reliable shipping and fulfillment effort in WooCommerce plugin. It saves more time by using automatic order fulfillment, costs cheaper by providing the most reliable USPS rates, and provides a shipping label to the customers. Customizable email notification can keep your customers close.

Please note that the WooCommerce plugin is available for free, but you may need to purchase the plan to get the premium service.

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