Build Your Own E-Commerce Website With Various Woocommerce Stripe Plugins

If you were an online seller or plan to be, creating a good website to sell your products that are able to attract consumers might be one of the most important things to do. There are many platforms that are available to build an e-commerce site.

One of the best e-commerce site builders is WooCommerce, which is popular as it is able to turn WordPress (which is said to be one of the best Content Management System) into a powerful e-commerce platform.

The platform has great features and free base products. It also has tons of extensions and is relatively easy to install. Thus, WooCommerce is very recommended to be used to help you customize your site.

Numerous Plugins for WooCommerce

There are numerous plugins available for WooCommerce which have different functions. Some are free and some other need to be paid. There are plugins for marketing, for example, MailChimp which is a free plugin to connect your WooCommerce store with your MailChimp account, or Smart Coupons plugin to enhance your coupon options. There are also plugins to support subscription features, plugins for store management, plugins for product type, and many more.

If you need to enhance payment features on your site, WooCommerce offers different types of payment plugins, which are categorized into Direct, Form, iFrame, and Off-site plugins. You may use PayPal that offers debit cards and credit cards with a single payment gateway solution, Amazon Pay in which the transactions take place via Amazon widgets that allows the buyer to never leave your site, that authorizes CIM gateway with support for pre-orders and subscriptions, Klarna, PayFast, and many more.

However, the most popular payment plugin is WooCommerce Stripe. The integration of the plugin to your site enables you to take payments on your store with a simple and easy setup. WooCommerce Stripe allows you to accept payments from your WooCommerce store using credit cards. The plugin allows payment using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and more cards directly on your site via Stripe’s API, including Apple Pay for mobile and desktop. The process is done without having sensitive credit card information hit your servers.

Why Use WooCommerce Stripe?

As what has been mentioned before, by using WooCommerce Stripe, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into securing your site when taking credit card payments. Normally, the merchant needs to save sensitive credit card information of the customers on a separate server than your site in a complicated way. The complicated process helps to ensure security, but it is not easy to do. Moreover, if the process is done improperly, there is a possibility that you will get fine or lawsuit.

When using WooCommerce Stripe, you only need to include an SSL certificate on your site, and the plugin will do the hard work. With WooCommerce Stripe plugin and an SSL certificate, you are protected from credit card breaches. The customer credit card information will not hit your servers because it goes from your customer’s computer directly to Stripe’s servers which keeps their information safe.

WooCommerce Stripe is free. There is no monthly fee and no hidden cost. You will only be charged when you earn money, and the money will be transferred to your bank account directly on a 7-day rolling basis.

The plugin also allows you to add subscriptions extension feature on the site and supports the re-using cards. The customer is set up in Stripe as a customer when paying for their shopping carts. The re-using cards feature provided by WooCommerce Stripe allows the customer to use the same card when creating another order. This will save time and very useful for returning customers.

Various Woocommerce Stripe Plugins

Apart from its main features, Woocommerce Stripe has many plugins with different functions, such as the following.

Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Add-on
This plugin allows the merchants to accept the payment using a credit card via Stripe directly on the checkout page, as well as adds Charge Id and Charge time to Order Note. This plugin also supports preorder, saved cards, dynamic cards logo based on selected cards in Plugin settings and many more.

YITH Woocommerce Stripe

This plugin offers an integrated credit card payment and allows different payment methods that make payment as an automated process which improves productivity.

YITH Stripe Connect for Woocommerce

This plugin is the most efficient tool to help you split payments made by credit cards on your store in an automatic and immediate way. It also allows the administrator to assign fixed or percentage commissions to each receiver and even set a delay-time for commission payments.

YITH Woocommerce Color and Label Variations

If you need to improve variations on your products (the sizes, colors, patterns, etc.), this plugin is the best that you can use.

There are more Stripe plugins available on WooCommerce that will help you to improve the setting of your site to attract visitors and customers. Try to map out what you need first and look for the plugins that suit your needs.

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