Tips to Develop Your Wordpress Marketplace with Multimarket Theme

Building a marketplace presents more challenge than opening an individual store. A WordPress marketplace has several stores that drive traffic to the owner of a marketplace. If you want to create a marketplace and profit from it, make sure to start right.

What You Need to Develop WordPress Marketplace

When starting a marketplace, you need at least a theme that supports this activity, complete with suitable plugins. A proper marketplace needs to have key features such as vendor management center, individual dedicated stores, commission management system, point and reward system, market statistics, and promotional tools.

The marketplace must also support general functions of a store, so vendors can market and sell their products easily. Each store in the marketplace must have features to shop, promote, review, inquire, input voucher code, and other standard functions.

To support these functions, you need the right marketplace theme. If you use WordPress-based website, you have a lot of good options. Multimarket is one of the most recommended themes to create a marketplace.

Why Multimarket Theme?

Multimarket is a complete marketplace theme developed for WordPress-based websites. The theme is responsive, clean, and has easy navigation. As a marketplace owner, you have more freedom to manage all the vendors, while selling your own products at the same time.

Here are the main features Multimarket theme offers, and what you can do with them:

Different product types.

Multimarket provides a platform to promote different product types: standard, audio file, audio link, and video. You and your vendors can promote and sell diverse ranges of products by using the proper design for different products.

Responsive design.

Multimarket has a responsive design that creates the best experience, whether accessed from a laptop, PC, or mobile devices. You can boast easy navigation and professional look, regardless of the devices use to see the website.

Three options for the viewing experience.

Multimarket provides three types of viewing style: classic, modern, and list with short descriptions. You are free to choose any viewing type that is more suitable for viewing, based on product and store types.

Three blog type options.

Boost your content by creating neat, user-friendly blog pages. There are three types of blog page styles in Multimarket theme: classic, list, and masonry.

Easy web customization.

Customizing your marketplace website is no longer complicated. Multimarket is supported by King Composser Element, which allows you to customize website simply by drag-and-drop. You can also add useful features, such as highlight products, slider, testimonial page, MailChimp and contact forms, and special deal page.

Dokan Multivendor support.

Vendor management is the key to manage good marketplace website. Dokan Multivendor is a special plugin that helps you managing vendors. You can easily perform all tasks related to your vendors, from assigning products to giving sales commissions.

SEO-friendly website.

Multimarket theme is designed to face SEO competition in the e-commerce world. This theme works with HTML5, and compatible with various popular SEO plugins. You can use recommended plugins for WordPress-based websites, such as SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO Pack.

Building a marketplace website requires proper features and functions, especially if you want to face tight marketing competition. Use a Multimarket theme to boost your WordPress marketplace website performance.

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