22 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Your Restaurant websites

Having no idea where to manage your own restaurant websites? Have a try at WordPress plugins. Out of wide-ranging software applications on the internet, this CMS is arguably as simple as ABC. Every eatery owner can build their favorable web page without putting about the technical matter and distressing settings – you are free to adjust the menus, themes, and reservation bookings as well.

Aside from what sort of restaurant site you are about to create, these 22 WordPress Plugins, apt for drawing some inspiration, are exactly poor to miss out.


Looking for a plugin coming with a complete package? Install the Foodpress immediately. It definitely enables you to upload the photos of the featured dish in the online menu section as well as arranging their size and appearance. Additionally, the visitors are able to read the description along with a price tag, sharing buttons, and associated links while scrolling down the menu page.

Restaurant Reservation

The great benefit of having Restaurant Reservation is that the food enthusiasts can organize their table bookings and reserve the cuisine quickly. Once your customers request the reservation, you will be notified by email and let them receive either the acceptance or rejection. The notification is also valid for the clients. Interestingly, the reservation form easily customized can be placed on any page and post.

Quick Restaurant Menu

If you love to single out the plainest approach while creating menus, the Quick Restaurant Menu is surely the amazing solution. Not only does the plugin ease the process of menu making but it is equipped with a choice of additional features such as tabbed layouts, row and columns builder, nutrition fact, drag and drop editor, and menu items trippingly searchable.


ResRes is such a right platform for anyone rooting for sophistication in managing restaurant websites and simplifying the online table reservation. How to get the reservation form on the WordPress site? Simply use the shortcode then everything will be in order. Apart from this feature, ResRes allows the day and time blockage when your customers make a food reservation at the mistaken times.

Accura Restaurant Food Menu Plugin

Feeling overwhelmed when your menu is filled with an abundance of food items? Set your PC up with the Accura Restaurant Food Menu Plugin. You will go for this plugin since it’s entirely responsive once the dish on the menu is ordered and convenient to a smartphone. Some of the other features include table-based menu, dish type re-order, and footer to each meal type.

WP Restaurant Manager

WP Restaurant Manager plugin is indeed practicable allowing each customer to select their favorite dish and order it right from your site listing in consonance with the available dates and times. Once signing up the page, you will receive the email notifications which always run automatically. Interestingly, all of the bookings are saved in the admin interface.

Food and Drink Menu

Another type of WordPress plugin impressing any site owners is the Food and Drink Menu. It provides two kinds of custom post—the Menus and Menu Items. These features incredibly have a couple of advantages such as using the desired templates, creating fun menus, and organizing the dishes you are going to present. The menu items boast pricing information, photos, and proper schema markup.

Open Table Widget

One of the free plugins like Open Table Widget (available in the US) enables the customers to find any information about the open restaurant, party size, date and time in the form of a widget in the right-handed column. Setting up the plugin gives an ample chance to add unlimited widgets on the sidebar as well as configuring them. As it is integrated into the Open Table, the food reservations can be made as soon as possible.

Foodify Restaurant Food Menu for WooCommerce

Making a food reservation from the online shop is one of the highlights of Foodify Restaurant Food Menu for WooCommerce. Not only is it completely responsive but the remarkable plugin comes with meal information, search option, “adds to cart” button, and attention-grabbing photos. Varied items organized in a specific category can be shown by the shortcode. The plugin also highlights border and text color directly set by the site owner.

Google Map Widgets

It is obviously true that each restaurant you are looking for has the precise physical location – it brings up an idea of finding eatery’s location with the Google Map Widgets. The free WordPress plugin straightforwardly embedded in the site has an array of features which you can adjust the zoom level, identify the map type, set the accurate size, and insert pins for locations. Furthermore, the GMW is able to make directions for the customers. The distinction is unfortunately only for pro version.

Gravity Forms

For anyone searching a simple plugin easily applicable, the Gravity Forms is the right option. Although it is not a prodigious free version, the restaurant site owner can take advantage of its features like the drag and drop. They definitely allow the users to create menu forms without doing the code writing. This handy software application has add-ons including Aweber and MailChimp. It’s highly recommended for those who kindly refuse the webmaster’s assistance.

Restaurant Menu for Visual Composer

One of the renowned page builder plugins offered by WordPress is the Restaurant Menu for Visual Composer. Several points you can adjust while applying this plugin are the menu price, distinct layouts, and menu description. It contains an add-on that enables the restaurant site holder to build an attractive menu form with the fresh “Restaurant Menu” content block. Yet, you need to purchase this 19 USD product.


Are you running a pizza business? It’s time to make everything online easier with the WPPizza. You need to notice that this plugin highlights an array of breathtaking features such as all orders online tracking, wholesales reporting appearing on a dashboard, exact delivery dates and times, getaways payment acceptance, and the online menu creation. In addition, it doesn’t only serve as an online pizzeria but also delivers cakes and fast foods.

Booking System PRO

Your customer’s meal reservation seems painless with the Booking System PRO. The primary feature of the plugin is the calendar display easing the online visitors to check the book dates and opening time availability. The multi-language feature and multi-currency support are also included. This serviceable tool is also acceptable for other business, like café, accommodation and even the WooCommerce.


Bookly is an appropriate plugin for all kinds of restaurants. Its plentiful features tackling down the technical restaurant matter literally bring your way of life to the next level. Some of them encompass a live reservation process, unwavering connection to the famed sites of WooCommerce, and the same is true with the tie-up into Google Calendar. Requiring some clarification on how to operate this? Make sure to sample the free online demo.

Food Menus Addons for Visual Composer Plugin

The incredible side of Food Menus Addons is a menu pack presenting fresh meals and linked to the builder plugin of the visual composer. Compellingly, organizing the restaurant websites with this gives you an ample chance to customize 24 disparate dish menu layouts and a design which is always susceptible. The miscellaneous form of food menus can be quickly highlighted. Some features grabbing the visitors’ attention are editable fields, exclusive colors, and CSS3.

Booking Calendar

The WordPress’ Booking Calendar plugin lets the hungry customers take a reasonably-priced selection when it comes to online food hunting. Besides, it does clear out anybody’s inconvenience while making a meal reservation. Accordingly, you are able to create the intuitive interfaces that boast a quick reaction and simple usage. Unfortunately, it’s not only designed for restaurants, but the hotels are also available.

Food Menu Restaurant Food Menu Showcase Plugin

Two amazing benefits of installing the Food Menu WordPress plugin are first, you can arrange the restaurant menu display with ease, and secondly, the site owners are accessible to the responsive design undeniably first-rate. Its gallery particularly advanced for Apple touch devices is fitting for any main browsers in the world. The facts that the plugin is mobile ready, Android optimized, and SEO friendly are so true.

Yelp Widget Pro

Once the customers find the high-quality restaurant food, the first thing they might observe is no other than the reviews. A WordPress plugin like Yelp Widget Pro has an extraordinary feature which the dish hunters read the reviews in a straight line from your restaurant websites. In addition to the worthwhile reviews, the eatery site owner can display the business profile comprising of key information such as phone number and map.

Quick Restaurant Menu

There is a myriad of things you can do while making use of Quick Restaurant Menu. Building a restaurant menu, listing the food cost, and adding the photos are just a few of them. This beneficial WordPress plugin also comes with both drop interface and drag simplifying everyone’s task in organizing the menu items.

MotoPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

The restaurant site owners can perfectly manage the unlimited menus which are reachable throughout pages, sidebar, and posts by applying the shortcodes. It’s obviously free to set up the menu design, classify the dishes, as well as to feature the required tags. The currency and order settings are also equipped.

Build A Meal

The last but not the least WordPress plugin you need to consider is the Build A Meal. It enables the customers to sort out their own foods according to several categories such as base, garnishes, and toppings. Each section in the menu covers a beautiful picture along with a brief description. This is great for those who are on a diet caring the calorie intake.

There is nothing to get worried about when it comes to managing your restaurant websites. Those WordPress plugins are simple to use and applicable to anybody.

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