Dokan, A Complete Multivendor Marketplace: From A To Z

Need to convert your standard e-commerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace? Dokan can do the work for you! Dokan is a theme for WordPress developed by Wedevs. This theme offers lots of features that will make your website much more functional than a regular WordPress theme. Its super intuitive design and interface make everything easy for you!

This marketplace will allow you to place multiple sellers who sell thousands of products on your website. By using Dokan, you can register an account and begin selling their products at your marketplace with your approval.  You will be able to choose various products from the catalog, compare various products features and prices among sellers, and also give ratings & reviews to sellers.

Moreover, you can manage your products and orders from front-end, customize your store with various elements, even add shipping and tracking information features with every order. You may be able to control the marketplace by making customization on rates for sellers; managing orders, products, and inventories; making customization on different transactional emails; and managing reviews given by customers.

There are certain themes available in like Multimarket and LeCraft (a fashion WordPress theme) which come with WooCommerce and Dokan multivendor plugin that will turn your conventional online store into an amazing marketplace. But, first of all, let us find out more about Dokan excellent features.

Dokan Features

Marketplace with Independent Stores

Similar to eBay, Shopify, or Amazon, Dokan lets vendors customize storefront and gives them a chance to give support as extra.

Multiple Product Types

Dokan allows vendors to sell many things because it supports simple, downloadable, variable, virtual product, grouped and bookable types of products.

Use Any Woocommerce Compatible Theme

Dokan works well with any theme that supports WooCommerce. They even provide the sellers a free theme to get started.

Frontend Dashboard for Vendors

Both vendors and customers will get access to a rich frontend dashboard. This will create an easy management system for product inventory including orders, sales, discounts, and coupons.

Earn from Each Sale

Dokan will charge commission globally. There is a scheme where you get a special commission on a single product. A fair commission model allows both you and your vendors to share the success of your marketplace.

Store Insights with Reports And Statement

Dokan allows vendors to get a closer look at the store’s performance and see store sales report for details.

Coupon Management

By using this them, vendors will be able to manage their products and offer discounts. They can also create coupons for special events and sales.

Stylish Storefronts

Storefronts are important to attract consumers, and Dokan provides a professional look on its every storefront with location and rating, and perfect for your business branding. There are multiple design templates that the stores can use to get the best look.

Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews

Customers are able to review and rate the products and vendors. Good reviews and testimonies given by customers will help the site to gain trust from other customers and increase its brand value.

Manage Orders on the Go!

As what has been mentioned before, Dokan allows vendors to manage their own orders. They are also able to mark orders as pending or processed. Plus, it allows the vendor to view the shipping and billing address of the customers and ship the products.

Review Product Publishing

Dokan has an excellent feature to help you block spammy or illegal products to ensure only quality products being sold in your marketplace. Admin may be able to review the products sold by the vendors and publish when the publishing approval is turned on. Vendors can also draft their published products anytime.

Easy Withdraw System

By using Dokan, you won’t get any problem making a withdrawal, set the withdrawal threshold, cycle and also make a refund to customers. Vendors can also make the requests from the frontend dashboard to the admin.

Vendor Profile Completeness

Customers will trust vendors that give a complete profile in a marketplace. And by using Dokan, vendors may be able to gain customers’ trust by completing their profiles. There is a bar on vendor’s dashboard that indicates the vendor profile completeness.

Manage SEO for Store Page

SEO is an important thing in website optimization. And by using Dokan, vendors are able to manage SEO for their store page by writing custom SEO meta, and also storing permalink and description from their frontend dashboard.

How Does It Work?

Dokan will make everything easy for you as there are only 4 steps to do: vendor registration, uploading products, ready to sell and earn a commission.

Dokan Pricing Schemes

There are 5 schemes of pricing available based on the advanced features you may get to reach greater heights in your marketplace. They are divided into Free, Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Some of the advanced features that you may get for free are Frontend Dashboard for Vendors, Frontend Simple Product, Order Management, Withdraw System for Vendors, Individual Vendor Stores, Order Email Notifications, and Storefront Widgets. The plus is, you may get 14 days money back guarantee from Dokan.

See? Dokan is completely a complete multivendor marketplace that will work best to boost your website productivity. Try it now!

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