Perfecting the Technique of Disruptive Marketing through Shopify WordPress

As we are going further on the technology devices, selling products does not mean you are renting a space and open an official store anymore. It’s now time to enter the era of disruptive marketing. Every business now has the chance of reshaping their products and service in fulfilling the demand of the customers.

It is called the disruptive marketing strategy where a company tries to meet the customer’s demand by adding a simple innovation or creating intelligent products. This could mean the business who could do online services would lead the market.

Why online?  People are now looking for a faster option that offers more solutions. With online services especially in selling products, the customers get to have what they want without having to go out at all.

Get Customers to Land on Your Website and Make a Purchase

Having a website might give you benefits like wider market and viewer, keeping your customers informed, and giving your company credibility. Furthermore, a well-designed website will also draw attention and educate the viewer about your products.

A platform like WordPress would help you with Content Management System on your website. With interactive design and an easy operation, WordPress will let you create the most powerful website for your business. However, it needs more than just a website to get your customers directly buys your products.

This is why you need an e-commerce feature. There are many ways to add an online shop feature to your website, from setting it manually to integrating your website with other platforms. As a solution, Shopify is one of the best ways to get your customers make a direct transaction on the website.

Last year, Shopify announced its availability to be integrated with WordPress. It even provides three free themes that come with the WordPress plugin. This means you can add an e-commerce feature easier. In minutes, you will be ready to receive orders from your customers.

With an e-commerce feature, the customers searching for your product can easily order it through the website. They can make payment on the website and get their order shipped right away. Sure, by applying this selling method, you have to create a whole new selling system on your company.

Shopify WordPress, the Easiest Way to Create an Online Store

Hiring a developer for your online store would mean another expense for your business. If you already use WordPress site, adding Shopify to it means you will get a complete technical aspect to have an online store.

There are many elements that an online store should have. It started from the catalog and inventory to the tax calculation, payment methods, and shipping options. With Shopify or WordPress, you don’t have to worry about adding each of the features to the website because it will all come as one package.

How to Add Shopify to Your WordPress Site

The steps are easy. First, you need to register at the Shopify WordPress website. Before you sign up for the plans, you need to register for the 14-days free trial. After the trial is over, you can sign up for the plans start at $9 per month.

Once you have an account at Shopify, you will need to visit your WordPress website’s account and install the Shopify plugin. Next, the Shopify button will appear on your WordPress admin menu. From there, you can start connecting Shopify to WordPress and set up your account.

Once it’s connected, you will see the button for the next steps. You will need to start adding products, its pictures and details, shipping mode, and stock inventory information. You also need to do those steps for each of your product. Still, make sure that you have credible pictures of your products.

In payment method, Shopify WordPress supports around 70 ways from the popular payments portal. Some of the payment methods supported by Shopify are the Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, and much more. Particularly, if you want to use PayPal Express, you need to provide your email address on the forms.

To make it more convenient, you may add more than one payment method. All you need to do is provide the information asked by the form. Once you are finished with the payment method, you can now set up the shipping method.

Choose the menu “Setup your shipping” and enter the information of the shipping origin. Each of the zones of the shipping destination would have a different cost. You need to enter the destination zones and its cost to the forms on the menu.

In details, the shipping cost will also be determined by the weight and price. For promotional purposes, you can add free or international shipping. For other additional information, you can always explore the menu to see what details to add.

Posting It on Your WordPress Website

Sure, it will take some time to add all the information details. In the process, you need to have consistency in providing the products’ information. Once you have all your products information saved, it’s now time to post it on your website.

To post the products on your website, start the process by adding a new post. Since your WordPress is now connected to Shopify, you will easily see the “Add Product” button on the new post page. You can add the products as an individual post or as a collection. Next, you can choose what kind of embed button to display on your website.

There are two kinds of button choice, first is the “Buy Now” button with product picture and the second is without the product picture. If you want to go simple without the pictures, you can go further by creating products gallery by using Envira Gallery.

Be Consistent in Your Selling Strategy

Though you already have all the simplicity in adding products and posting it on your website, you still need to be consistent in managing your online store. Remember, an order can get in every time. You may need to check it to give a fast response to your customers. The first online shopping for the customer will end in order repeat in the future.

You should also pay attention to inventory and products pictures. With the right platform and strategy, your website will excel in its online sales.

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