8 Reasons Why Product Vendors is the Right WooCommerce Marketplace for You

Digital retail and the online marketplace have developed largely in recent years, and many people are starting to build their own marketplace with various products to offer. However, most of them still encounter a number of basic problems that includes choosing the right plugin and platform to develop their business.

If you still find it challenging to choose the right plugin for your multi-vendor marketplace, take Product Vendors into your consideration. This WooCommerce Marketplace has several reasons to ensure you that it is the most suitable plugin for your marketplace.

Product Vendors can sell various products, from physical to digital

One of the primary reasons for choosing Product Vendors as your WooCommerce marketplace is its ability to sell various products, whether it is physical and handmade commodities, or digital and downloadable products such as photographs, video, themes, and audio files. Integrated with WooCommerce Bookings, Product Vendors also provides time-based bookings for a more valuable experience of online retail.

Product Vendors is suitable for those who want to continue selling their own products

Product Vendors can support your business expansion. If you have products to sell, but want to expand the business by building a WooCommerce marketplace for other vendors without sacrificing your own, Product Vendors is the most suitable extension for you. Your own product lines can still appear on the website alongside other products by various vendors. The extension will display other vendors’ products and yours side by side, so that the customers can see them evenly.

Product Vendors provides useful features for both the vendors and the marketplace owners

Several specific and beneficial features are offered by Product Vendors for both the marketplace owners and vendors who join the business. The features that can be used by a marketplace owner include accepting vendors’ application, setting up commission and payment schedule, approving submitted products before they are sold on the website, and displaying the vendors based on the ratings they get.

The vendors can also take an advantage of Product Vendors features that are offered to them. They have the ability to control their company profile, manage the products and shipping rules, add private notes regarding the customers’ orders, view their sales performance report, and receive reasonable commission payments.

Product Vendors gives authority and responsibility to your vendors in managing their own products

In a marketplace when you serve as a store owner or an admin and your website becomes the middleman between multiple sellers and buyers, things can get a little bit hectic in administration and management part. However, with Product Vendors, you can reduce the bustling business by giving your vendors the authority and ability to manage their own products. By allowing such authority, you will be able to create simpler administration stuff, while your vendors take part in the management system.

Product Vendors features specific commission rates for the vendors

With specific commission rates feature, welcoming other vendors to sell their various products on your WooCommerce marketplace is not a hard thing to do. For starter, you can set a basic commission in a reasonable rate for every product sale. Later, you can also give loyalty reward or higher rates for responsible vendors that join your marketplace. All of them can be done with ease because the commission rates setting can be separated across needs and requirements of your marketplace.

Product Vendors operates a fair system of commission payment

In addition to specific commission rates that organize different needs and conditions on your WooCommerce marketplace, Product Vendors provides a system of commission payment that is fair and in a reasonable way. The commission will only be paid to the vendors once the orders are completed. With this system, the vendors who join your marketplace will be encouraged to improve their services, resulting in the customers’ trust and satisfaction.

With Product Vendors, you can delay commission payment in case physical products are returned

This is another important feature of Product Vendors that revolves around the arrangement of commission payment. It has been stated earlier that the commission is set in a specific term and it can only be paid after the order is completed. However, if some bad things happen and the product that has been shipped should be returned, the commission for the vendors can be delayed temporarily.

With PayPal Mass Payments that is integrated with Product Vendors and WooCommerce marketplace, you will be able to hold the commission payment. The payment process can be continued once the problem is fixed by the responsible vendors.

Product Vendors allows you to manage the marketplace with regular sales report

Make your business more professional and organized by marketplace sales report that is regularly updated. Every month, you will get an overall view of your marketplace flow that consists of vendor sales, commissions, and earnings report. This is a useful feature that allows you to review your business development as well as to plan your business ahead for the upcoming month.

With various features and a number of advantages, it is a fair thing to say that Product Vendors is the right WooCommerce marketplace for you as it can fulfill all your needs in the digital retail system.

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