Here’s Why WooCommerce Is the Best E-commerce Platform for Wordpress

Successful online business needs a good platform to support all the activities. Using WooCommerce as an online business platform is the best decision you can make. If you mainly use WordPress, this product is a great option to support all your e-commerce activities. Whether you sell physical products, services, or downloadable products, this platform will support your business activities.

In 2015, WooCommerce became the main business platform for 30 percent of online marketers all over the world, and the numbers are likely to increase. Here are ten reasons why this WordPress platform should be your main e-commerce support.

Complete Control for the Sellers

Having complete control of your marketing platform gives you the freedom to manage your business. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform, which helps sellers customize any features they need to improve the business model. You can sell products or services as many as you want.

You can also grow your business into giant venture more easily. With numerous options to manage the platform, you can serve as many customers as you want, and manage abundant products at one sitting. You can also easily customize your website based on elements such as time zones, measurement units, languages, and countries.

Wide Range of Tools and Extensions

Do you develop e-commerce websites from scratch? WooCommerce offers more than 400 extensions and diverse tools to help to create the best websites. Each store owner can have a customized shop based on his or her services and products. There are various forms of extensions available, to support activities such as payment, shipping, accounting, product managements, and much more.

Following new e-commerce trend is no longer difficult for sellers. Developers around the world are creating plugins, tools, and apps to help sellers adjusting with the trend. If you are a seller, you can easily modify your website and online stores to follow the newest business trend.

More Integrated Web Content System

High-quality content is the key to launch and promote your e-commerce website. Sometimes, it is hard to balance between commercial platform and blogging, especially if you just use one website. This platform has easy built-in blogging feature, which makes it easier for you to manage the store and write high-quality content.

This e-commerce platform offers easy features to integrate your blog content with products. For example, you can easily embed shops, featured products, or purchase links to the post. Or, you can create a search engine landing page that goes straight to your shop’s counter.

Flexible and Modular System

WooCommerce offers more modular and flexible system on its platform. You can easily change the features and plugins, and add new options to create a customized website. If you use WordPress-based websites, you can easily change, replace, add, or remove any plugins. You can also stick to WP-CLI to manage the website.

No Capacity Restrictions

Capacity restrictions make it hard for sellers to upload photos, images, or products as many as they want. This e-commerce platform has no such limitation, helping you to import and upload numerous photos and products. It is ideal for rapidly growing businesses or sellers with a wide range of products to offer.

To make navigation easier, sellers and buyers can use sorting and filtering systems. Using attributes such as keywords, tags, prices, popularity, and newness, navigating through products is painless and quick.

Easy Store Management

Store management is difficult and complicated, especially for big businesses or sellers. WooCommerce offers complete store management options, which makes the process easier. You can easily manage inventory, payment, product management, email and notifications, shop admin, and refund system.

This e-commerce platform also works well in giving rewards for return customers. When the same customer returns, a reminder will inform the shop owners. It is useful if you want to create a reward system, vouchers, or loyalty program to engage your customers.

Full Support for Search Engine Optimization

As a platform for WordPress-based e-commerce websites, WooCommerce is perfect for Search Engine Optimization. You can customize, add plugins, and write engaging contents to make your website noticeable in search engine results. WordPress is ranked high among SEO experts so that you can start from the right step. You can also create a great mobile version of your website, while still being SEO-friendly.

Support easy and secure payment.

Security is a big concern among buyers and sellers. WooCommerce makes sure that your store has secure, built-in payment system. Buyers can get options such as PayPal and Stripe, aside from the usual credit card, COD, check, and bank transfer payments.

This e-commerce platform also has a detailed system for all financial matters, especially if you serve international customers. Calculate shipping rates and taxes quickly, and choose between diverse and flat rates. The automatic geotagging system will help sellers to calculate taxes and shipping rates more easily.

Meticulous documentation system.

WooCommerce has two types of documentation systems: for developers and users. If you are a developer, you can get information about every change and modification ever made on the website. The documentation system records extensions, filter, API endpoint, hook, and other modifications in a meticulous way. It makes it easier for developers to customize or change the website, based on each user’s preferences and needs.

If you are a seller, you can use documentation system to create detailed sales reports. Every purchase, voucher, refund, discount, and reward program is recorded in detailed reports. You can use this information to create better service plans.

International support system and community.

WooCommerce users are joined in the international community, along with developers and app makers from various countries. Currently, there are around 2 million store owners and 350 developers around the world that use or support this platform. You can ask about system troubleshooting, best app recommendations, and other important questions in the forum.

Beginner users are also able to ask questions anytime they wish, no matter where they live. You can call, send email, or chat online with support staff anytime. The Woocommerce support system is available for users in all regions and time zones.

Using the right platform is important to boost your online business. WooCommerce is the best e-commerce platform for e-commerce players, especially those with WordPress-based websites.

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