5 Tips to Boost Profits with WooCommerce SEO Strategies

Internet marketers face tough challenges in the 21st century, thanks to the growing numbers of e-commerce activities worldwide. If you have WordPress-based online stores, affiliate websites, or business pages, using WooCommerce SEO strategies will help to boost your exposure level.

Every year, Google attempts to improve its algorithm system, resulting in the stricter screening process to put website links in its search engine result pages. This means you cannot use quick methods to boost SEO rank, such as cramming keywords in one page or creating a spam-like domain name (matching domain name with your main keyword, for example). Here are the most recommended strategies to bring your website to the top.

Creating High-quality Content

Good content draws visitors back repeatedly to a website. In an e-commerce site, well-made content helps customers finding the products they want and creates a better shopping experience. There are several ways you can create good content for an e-commerce website, such as:

Create clear product description.

A good product description must properly inform customers, so they can find what they look for. Short descriptions, which include an explanation about the product, the size, color, main features, benefits, and promotional sentences, will create more engagement and expose your website to search engine algorithm.

Write original content.

If you have a blog page, make sure to write original content, with the engaging topic. Avoid plagiarism, since it can be easily detected. Writing original content not only makes your website more popular but also prevents troubles when Google catches several identical contents from different sources.

Use proper terms to describe your products.

You may get creative in promoting business, but when making product descriptions, put clear terms to explain the goods. If you sell a pair of red running shoes, describe the goods as “red running shoes” before adding other explanations. Search engines will find your product page easier with a clear description.

Using Keywords the Right Way

Keywords are the heart of SEO strategies. Instead of cramming keywords, make sure you use them properly with these tips:

Use actionable phrases instead of individual words.

Depending on your products, you may often use individual words related to your business as keywords, such as “books,” “shoes,” or “games.” However, when people use a search engine, they usually type actionable phrases. Therefore, try using “buy wallet,” “rent games,” or “order books” as keywords.

Optimize long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are more reliable for long-term SEO goal than the short ones. In these keywords, you can place the most relevant words, depending on your products or services. For example, use “buy men’s leather shoes” or “rent camping gear” as main keywords, which give action choice and product descriptions.

Use keywords naturally.

People now have many options for online shops to visit. If your web content uses many awkward sentences because of badly placed keywords, you can lose a lot of visitors. Google also dislikes websites that put SEO over proper content writing.

Create Shorter and Cleaner URL

All URLs in your website can affect its standing in Google algorithm. Improper URL characters can reduce your website’s exposure, and even attract Google’s suspicion regarding of keyword manipulation. Here are tips to optimize your URLs for top search page position:

Keyword-relevant URL, but still short.

Keyword-relevant URL is the key to get a good exposure, but if you use long-tail keywords, don’t put all of them. It can make Google suspect manipulation. For example, if your product uses keyword “blue floral summer dress,” just use “blue floral dress” in your URL. Three characters in the URL are usually enough.

Choose words instead of numbers.

When creating customized URL, words will get detected more quickly than numbers. If you create URL for a “women’s bags” category in a website that sells fashion products, put “women’s bags” in the URL instead of “page 1” or “category 1”.

Use the Links Properly

Links can improve the popularity and credibility of your website. However, paying for them is not an ideal option. There are more genuine methods to use links as SEO strategy, such as:

Create inbound links.

Inbound links are created in your website or blog page, to direct visitors to other pages in the same address. You can do this by writing a post in a blog, and then link it to the relevant page of your online store. For example, write a post about “Top 10 Summer Fashion Trend in 2017”, and link it to your shop’s floral dress page.

Another good method is to create a testimonial page. Collect positive testimonials from your customers, and link each of them to the page of products they have used.

Remove broken links.

A website with many broken links will get a bad rep from Google. If your website has been going around for a while, it is time to check and fix the broken links. You can use tools such as Google Search Console and Broken Link Checker (a WordPress plugin) to find and fix them.

Just in case your customers find a 404 Page, you should provide a more positive experience. Make sure your 404 Page message is not generic. Use polite words, add some good-natured humor (like YouTube’s “trained monkey” message for its error page), or give a suggestion as alternative browsing choice for your visitors.

Add link and sitemap to every page.

All of your pages must have their specific links so that Google can detect every part of your website. You can use your e-commerce platform to create a sitemap or go to Google’s webmaster page to find out more about sitemap.

Optimize the Images

Images play a big part in e-commerce websites. When you upload the pictures of your products, make sure to add relevant file names, such as “blue floral dress” or “brown leather wallet.” If your image files have series of numbers (which is usually the case when you take pictures with the phone), don’t be lazy to replace them with better file names.

With the increasing competition among online marketers and business owners, you need to apply honest but effective optimization methods. WooCommerce SEO strategies will increase your website’s exposure, and ultimately, profits.

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