7 Reasons Why Lafaar and Niku Are the Best Wordpress Restaurant Themes

Promoting a restaurant business? There is nothing better to market your establishment online than WordPress restaurant theme. Specifically created to support eatery and food businesses, themes such as Lafaar and Niku provide an ideal platform to promote restaurants, coffee shops, bistros, delis, cake shops, and food trucks.

Here are 7 reasons why Lafaar and Niku should be your options for promoting restaurant business.

Responsive Designs

Lafaar and Niku both offer responsive website designs. Whether your customers use PC, laptops, or mobile devices, they will get the same high-quality experience with your websites. Important features such as menu lists and descriptions, reservation pages, and feature lists are easily accessible on all devices.

Attractive Headers and Menus

Lafaar and Niku have neat, clean designs, which allow your contents to shine. They also have several header designs, so you can adjust the design to the final look you want. You can highlight your popular menus, main products, food category lists, and more. There are also several header styles to choose.

Menu pages are the heart of every restaurant website

and they need to be attractive and informative at the same time. Both Lafaar and Niku offer attractive menu pages with various styles. Niku has four types of list and grid pages for their menu. Meanwhile, Lafaar, has different page themes based on the types of foods, plus two types of blog layouts.

Complete Shopping Experience in One Page

Lafaar and Niku offer complete shopping page that allows visitors to do everything in one place. They can read the product description, look at the price and review, put it in the cart, and continue the purchase if they wish. This makes the whole process more streamlined, and improves the shopping experience.

Pages for Specific Needs

Lafaar and Niku have specific pages to handle different tasks. Aside from the usual homepage, both have individual pages for “About” section, menu lists, and contact form. Visitors can also reserve tables easily by using reservation form. The form is easy to use, and it has a neat design to make filling easier.

The reservation forms in both themes have straightforward style, with boxes for name, email address, contact numbers, reservation date, and the size of dining party.

Multiple Translations Ready

Aiming for international exposure of your restaurant business? Lafaar and Niku are ready to accommodate foreign visitors. Both of these themes are translation-ready, so visitors from around the world can check out your establishment. They also have Right-to-Left (RTL) layout for people who read from right to left.

Compatible with Woocommerce Plugins

Using multiple plugins is not strange in optimizing a business website, especially if you use WordPress-based website. All these restaurant themes are already compatible with Woocommerce plugins, so the website will immediately adjust with the functions of new plugins once you install them.

Supported by Web Composer

Both Lafaar and Niku are supported by web design composers. Lafaar is supported by King Composer, while Niku is by Visual Composer. These web composers help you creating and modifying your websites based on your needs. This way, designing and adjusting your website is easier, even if you are not a designer.

With these WordPress restaurant themes, you have a good chance of making a name in the world of restaurant promotion, especially when marketing online.

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